Converse and Cook is about creating social spaces where individuals are empowered to explore their connection to food and their community by creating meals and dining together.
Edmonton Comfort Food Time Capsule Cookbook
Edmonton Comfort Food Time Capsule Cookbook

Edmonton Comfort Food Time Capsule Cookbook

WHAT: Our first cookbook, “Our Stories Our Food: A University of Alberta Cookbook” was published in 2019 and served as one of Converse and Cook’s primary fundraisers. Currently, Converse and Cook is working on our second cookbook, this time, focusing on telling the story of how various Edmontonians are being resilient and keeping connected during this pandemic time period by creating an Edmonton community-wide cookbook focused on comfort food. It is our hope that through cultivating these stories and recipes we can capture the history of what is happening in Edmonton during this time, while also providing a source of comfort and hope to those feeling isolated and disconnected in our city.

Comfort foods have an array of definitions for different people, and we are thrilled to engage in these conversations with our city. We are looking to interview individuals with unique recipes and food stories; these interviews will be featured in the printed cookbook and/or a digital cookbook companion. 

WHY: Our mandate is to build community through food, and by creating cookbooks that capture community stories, our hope is to bring to the forefront the stories of the people who inhabit our city. We recognize the power in storytelling, and also the responsibility to share our platform to help tell the stories of our communities. 

100% of the sales from our cookbooks go towards Converse and Cook programming, where we continue to strive building community integration through various cooking social events and workshops. 

WHEN: We hope to launch our cookbook in-person during late fall of 2021, pending funding opportunities and COVID-19 restrictions. 

HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED? Have a good story or recipe? Maybe you know a local business or a friend with a story to share? Watch out for our call-out for submissions in January 2021. In the meantime if you’re interested in being featured or learning more about this cookbook, email us at