Converse and Cook is about creating social spaces where individuals are empowered to explore their connection to food and their community by creating meals and dining together.
Support our nonprofit! Purchase a Community Cookbook

Support our nonprofit! Purchase a Community Cookbook

It’s because of donors like you that our non-profit can grow in capacity and outreach. As we are not a registered charity we cannot give taxable receipts for donations. As such we fundraise through offering programming by donation and through sales of our community cookbooks.

Each cookbook sold provides spaces for one-three participants to attend one of our cooking classes/ socials for free. The sales of cookbooks primarily cover grocery and spacing costs.

You can see the cookbooks we have for sale below. If you’re interested in purchasing one or learning more click on the cookbook. All transactions happen through Paypal so we don’t see any of your banking information. If you’re having difficulties feel free to email us at At this time we accept only accept payments made through Paypal. If this is an issue give us an email.

Thank you for your support. It might take us 3-4 business days to confirm your order as we are 100% volunteer run.