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Food; keeping our bellies full and our lives social.

Food is more than a nutritious substance; it identifies us, and unites us.
Converse and Cook is about creating social spaces where individuals are empowered to explore their connection to food and their community by creating meals and dining together.

We got funding for a cookbook!

We got funding for a cookbook!

Thanks to the University of Alberta Alumni Student Council we received a grant in early 2019 to re-create a Unversity of Alberta Campus-wide cookbook. Our hope is to take a Humans of New York spin to this cookbook where we feature both stories and recipes. We’ve currently started out call-outs for submissions and we’ve received around 20 entries from students, faculty, staff and alumni. We can’t wait to go through the submissions and start to interview folks about their favourite recipes. We’re also in the midst of hosting community pop-up pot lucks on campus where people can come in and make their dish, have their dish photographed for our cookbook, and mingle with other campus foodies to talk about the meaning and importance of food. Here are some highlights from our community pop-up pot lucks thus far. Follow us on our Instagram @ConverseandCook for more updates 🙂