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Stories on a plate: Free workshop on food styling recap
Stories on a plate: Free workshop on food styling recap

Stories on a plate: Free workshop on food styling recap


February 3


07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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Converse and Cook

This free interactive workshop taught participants how to style food and tips for taking great photos that you’ll be proud to share on social media.

Presented by local Edmonton foodies and Converse and Cook volunteers, Anissa Armet (@dashofnutrition on Instagram) and Simran Pherwani (@simran.pherwani on Instagram). Anissa and Simran on their respective Instagram accounts have built up a following posting eye-catching photos while also using their platform to provide nutritious recipes and empower others to get into the art and science of cooking.










Here were some of the concepts Anissa and Simran went over:

  • Tips for photographing different types of food
  • How to use the ingredients/garnish to make the photos pop
  • How to arrange your food item on the plate
  • Tips for choosing a background
  • Tips for using different props like dishes, cutlery, dish towels
  • Tips on lighting

The last half of the workshop was an interactive one where participants photograph your own food and get feedback from our facilitators. Here are some of the post-workshop photos. They look fantastic! Thank you to our participants who shared them with us 🙂











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Thank you to everyone who attended! We loved getting ot meet you and we hope to see you at a future event.