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Stories on a plate: Workshop on food styling
Stories on a plate: Workshop on food styling

Stories on a plate: Workshop on food styling


April 6


07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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Converse and Cook

In this interactive workshop learn how to style food and tips for taking great photos that you’ll be proud to share on social media.

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram, and stumbled on a food photo that instantly made you hungry? Have you ever wondered how people even take such great food photos? Maybe you’ve been cooking or baking more recently and you want to share your creations? If you need some help, we’ve got a workshop for you! Come to our food styling workshop presented by local Edmonton foodies, Anissa Armet (@dashofnutrition on Instagram) and Simran Pherwani (@eatsbysim on Instagram). Anissa and Simran on their respective Instagram accounts have built up a following posting eye-catching photos while also using their platform to provide nutritious recipes and empower others to get into the art and science of cooking.

There’s a few ways to attend this workshop.

Please only sign up for one type of ticket thank you.

1) “Presentation Ticket”: This ticket allows you access to the first hour of our workshop where you’ll learn general food photography tips. Here are some of the concepts we’ll be going over in this portion of the workshop:

  • Tips for photographing different types of food
  • How to use the ingredients/garnish to make the photos pop
  • How to arrange your food item on the plate
  • Tips for choosing a background
  • Tips for using different props like dishes, cutlery, dish towels
  • Tips on lighting

There’ll be some opportunities to get feedback from the facilitators after the workshop ends but they won’t be able to help you live in the workshop.

2) “Presentation+Live Feedback Ticket” For those looking for feedback from our facilitators sign up for this option. You’ll still get to come for the first hour but then afterwards this ticket will give you access to an interactive portion of the session where you will be able to photograph your dishes and get live feedback from our facilitators and interact with other participants. Note: due to our facilitators wanting to be able to engage with everyone who signs up the number of spots for this ticket type is limited. Please only sign up if you can bring a dish to photograph to the workshop.

In order to fully participate in the interactive session you will need to bring the following items to the workshop


  • Prepared food you want to photograph (can be made by you/someone else, or bought)
  • Two devices (one to take pictures with and one to log into zoom)
  • Decorative dish to plate food
  • Clean space to photograph (e.g. table, countertop, desk)


  • Props (e.g. cutlery, dish towels, different plates, ingredients used to prepare recipe, garnish that fits such as cilantro)
  • Something to take notes on

We also are giving away prizes for people who complete the entire workshop and post a photo on social media 🙂

A zoom link will be sent out to those registered a couple of days before the event. Additional instructions will be provided to those who choose the option with Live Feedback.

Please note that this workshop is being used as a fundraiser for our Community Cookbook. Any amount donated will go directly towards this initiative which involves telling the story of Edmonton during the COVID-19 pandemic through food. All donated tickets will be eligible to win a free cookbook.

We understand that not everyone has the means to donate and so we have a selected number of free tickets donated by community members to ensure anyone who wants access to this workshop can attend. Please feel free to sign up for a free ticket, and if you’re able to donate we’d love that too.

If you register and are no longer able to come please email us at No shows with no prior notice will not be allowed to register in future in-person or virtual Converse and Cook programming.

Should you have any questions about the workshop or your registration feel free to get in touch with us at

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